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Systems Investigator

Role Purpose:

Support the business by bringing new skills to the company of IT based criminal and civil investigations into fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, data breaches and systems misuse, both internal and externally derived. The corporate risk dashboard highlights the increased risk of fraud and cyber-crime as these patterns of offending increase and Christie’s becomes more exposed to on line audiences and processes along with our re-commerce activities. The skills will focus on online fraud & ecommerce crime prevention & investigation, actively supporting CISO policies & cyber BCP, able to support internal audit investigations, compliance issues, reports of phishing attacks against Christie’s staff, wrong doing reports requiring systems and data analysis, and provide an internal systems access testing resource.

The demand for these skills was identified in 2015 along with the need to create the Fraud Governance group.  The level of demand for the few in house skills we have to date has been excessive and will continue to increase with the move towards more on line client account activity and greater expansion of our e-commerce activities with global on-line and credit card payments. The role will be operating under various jurisdictions, mostly US, UK & Europe, but will be expected to support global operations as required


Key Accountabilities

1. Security Strategy Support  

  • Routinely research online activity determining patterns which could give cause to suspect financial crime
  • Work closely with MLRO & Christie’s risk & legal teams to investigate incidences of online fraud or suspicious online activity

 2. Information Security Support

  • Conduct a series of standard systems searches and systems access testing  to identify vulnerabilities or misuse of systems or data
  • Conduct investigations into confidential data breaches and prepare documentation for Legal and Court action.
  • Work closely with the Head of Corporate Security and CISO to further enhance Christie’s defences from cyber-crime and data loss.

3. On Line business processes

  • Develop systems counter measures & training for colleagues who are involved in online processes and e- commerce. 

4. Reporting

  • Monitor and analyse relevant data to support risk assessments regarding fraud and cyber-crime activities and threats
  • Support the work of the Fraud Governance Group

5. Security improvement

  • Work closely with Christie’s security & IT teams  to manage a programme of commercial counter espionage & cyber BCP


Business Outcomes

• Help reduce the risk of fraud and cyber-attack; support a data loss prevention programme to reduce the risk of data compromise; identify patterns of criminal and civil attacks on Christie’s systems, processes or data; reduce the impact of online financial crime and enhance profitability.

Business Processes

• Develop improved business processes to support the safe development of our On Line and E Commerce business & developing tighter compliance with our anti-tax evasion and money laundering  responsibilities.  

People & Behaviours

• Support internal investigations of wrong doing where systems or data analysis is a factor & identify adequate safeguards and training to be developed.
• Support awareness raising/training delivery of fraud and cyber related critical incident management. 

The successful candidate will have significant experience of :

• Investigating online fraud & associated methods
• Internal investigations using systems based data sources 
• Anti-money laundering regulation compliance
• IT systems analysis and data loss prevention programme compliance 
• Professional certification &/or verifiable levels of experience in the field eg; CFIP - Certified Forensics Investigation Practitioner;  CISSP– Certified Information Systems Security Professional;  CISA- Certified Information Security Auditor
• Previous experience of law enforcement, financial services investigations and compliance 
• Data mining techniques, data and network analysis,  data collation and presentation to a broad audience . 
• Able to produced detailed analysis and executive summary reports for submission to Courts for prosecution
• Understanding of rules of evidence/experience in presenting in Court – eg; Expert Witness
• Additional European language an advantage

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